How to Add More Fun & Joy Into Your Weekend (& Any Day Really)!

By Ankur Ambastha

Note: I loveee writing emails (love letters) to the incredible people in my email community, so this post was originally an email. We have a ton of fun in there and I wanted to share the simple 5 step process here to help boost your weekend too! So, I hope you enjoy the post and go on to enjoy your days that much more too! 😊


Here are 5 simple and powerful steps to enjoy your weekend to the max! If you've been going through the motions, or if you want to boost your fun this weekend, grab a piece of paper or put on your thinking hat, and let's do this together!

Hey hey hey!

It's already Friday!!! Plus, it's a 3 day weekend in the US [when I originally sent this email haha], so I wanted to send 5 simple steps to think about in order to maximize how your weekend feels!

A lot of people I've talked to recently mention how they're kind of just going through the motions lately. Doing that over the weekend especially means that they end up feeling like the whole week was just a slog & then they check out over the weekend, passing time feeling blah.

It's sad because they miss out on so much fun, joy, & rejuvenation they could experience.

I know firsthand because I've been there hundredsss of times haha. It's easy for me to get caught up and repeat the same routines daily, with no change of pace, no added excitement, & no pause to take a break to enjoy things.

We miss out on so much color & vibrancy in life when every day is just more of the same with no variety or uniqueness to any day or activity. Even just doing more of the same things we always do can drain the fun out of it too, because the sense specialness & rarity can fade and doesn't bring us the same spark it once used to.

That's why I wanted to share this today, because with just a tiny bit of conscious thought together right now, proactively done in advance, you can drastically change how this weekend feels!

To shake things up and enjoy your weekend more than you might have in a long time!

So, let's begin this journey together to boost your weekend!

I've made the steps really simple so you can pause between them and really think about them to let it all sink in. They're active steps, so the deeper you ponder them, the more boost you'll feel this weekend!

Step 1: Break the Pattern!

If you've been repeating the same weekend routine for months and it's feeling blah, or if you just haven't been looking forward to your weekends, now's a fantastic time to shake things up! 🤗

This can be as simple as just reflecting on how your last few weekends went and asking yourself:

  • Did I enjoy my recent weekends? Or not really?
  • If that repeated again this weekend, am I excited about that? Or would I choose to do things differently?
  • Speaking of which, when was the last weekend I had that I really, truly enjoyed?! 🤔

If you haven't enjoyed things as much as you would like to, you have the power to decide right now that you're going to experiment with doing things a little differently this weekend.

So, break the pattern, shake things up a bit, and let's make this weekend something you look forward to!

Step 2: Find the Bland Time Passers

Now that you've broken the monotonous weekend pattern and decided to create a unique & special weekend ahead, let's magically uncover the time you have that can make it real!

The easiest way to have time magically appear 🪄 haha, is to think about bland activities that end up taking over your whole weekend, but leave you feeling eh.

  • It could be something you do out of routine or habit, and find yourself doing without even really thinking about it, then the time's just gone, poof. Darn.
  • Or something you do that has time just kind of pass by, without you feeling great or horrible, just eh.
  • Or, something that given thought & choice ahead of time, you wouldn't actually want to do! Something that, if you planned out an exciting weekend in advance, you wouldn't do this thing that would have likely taken over your weekend by default if you let it. Argh! Get it out haha!

Think about it. What bland time passing activities might be clogging up & robbing your weekends?

Step 3: Pick Your Magic! 🪄

This is where things get fun!

Imagine that the Universe just gifted you an extra hour or day, to do whatever you want to do, but you can't spend it on boring monotonous stuff or any routine, habitual, bland, time passers that have already taken over too many other weekends.

It's special, magical time that you've been given, and you must use it in new ways that excite you!

What would you do?

  • Is there something you love doing, big or small, but never have time for?
  • Is there somewhere local outside in the sunshine 🌞 like a park or hiking spot that you've been wanting to go to?
  • Is there a special, new, unique experience you can create for yourself for fun just because you can, no special occasion required?

Dream up something, anything, big or small, that makes you smile thinking about spending the extra time you've been gifted doing.

This is the most important step, so if it hasn't popped into your mind yet, feel free to close your eyes, relax, breathe deep, and let your imagination run wild!

Take a minute and do it now before peeking at the last 2 steps haha 😜


🎉 🎉

🎉 🎉 🎉

🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉

🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉

Step 4: Strengthen, Swap, & Schedule!

Now, hold on to that in your mind and think, how would you feel doing that?

Think deeply about:

  • How would you feel knowing that it's coming soon and you get to excitedly look forward to it in advance, in joyful anticipation?! 🎊
  • How would you feel doing it, guilt-free, enjoying every moment of it during this extra time you've been gifted?!
  • And how would you feel after it, holding on to how incredible the experience was and smiling every time you think about it?

Do you feel it?

If it's hard to feel it, like it can be for me at times too, maybe it's time to practice putting down the mental load you carry all day long from all your adult responsibilities, even just for 30 seconds, to allow yourself to dream freely like you're a kid again with all the time in the world to just do, be, live, and enjoy the moment. You can pick the load up after whenever you want anyway, so try being free of it for a second.

Feel it deeply & freely.


Now, what shocks me the most, is that the extra time the Universe just gifted us, is actually there for us all the time, if we just choose to use it in ways that makes it special and cherishes the time.

We have the time to do those things for ourselves, even if it's 10 minutes, and it can be as simple as just swapping 1 of the default weekend Time Passers for Magic Time instead, consciously & proactively.

By saying no to what doesn't light us up in order to win ourselves the gift of being able to say yes to what does. We only have a fixed amount of time, so choose wisely what gets your yes's.


As corny as that sounds, try it out this weekend. Think about the specific time of the day that a bland time sucker usually steals from you and schedule in something special for yourself instead. Just swap them. Bump out the burden to infuse excitement into your day!

Put it in your digital calendar, paper planner, post-it note somewhere you'll see it at that magic moment when it's time to come alive! Heck, write it on a scrap piece of paper or mail you have laying around if that will guarantee something will remind you when it's youuu time baby!!! 😃

And, for bonus points, also write down what that time would mean to you to say yes to spending in a special way, remind yourself how the time will fly by in a bland way anyway if you don't, and capture in words how great it'll feel when you spend your time on creating magic in your day.

Then, you'll have something to remind yourself why you should do it instead of allowing monotonous momentum to take over haha.

Feel free to do it now, because step 5 is really simple and the rest of this email is quick! You're almost done, so finish strong!

Step 5: Feel It!

Now that you've decided you deserve to shake things up this weekend to enjoy your life, shined a light on past weekend time suckers & joy stealers, created a special magic experience for yourself and made it real by scheduling it in, what's the last step?

Feel it!! 🥳

Feel it deeply in any way that allows you to pull the full experience from ti!

Anticipate it with excitement on the hour every hour before your special time comes!

Get yourself psyched up in advance to build even more anticipation.

Think of how incredible it'll feel, especially given that you proactively crafted this and created that time for yourself! It's your's, to enjoy, guilt-free!

Then when the time comes, slow it down and hold on to it.

Live it, feel it, breathe it in. Don't let it go.

Savor it and enjoy it like it's extra time you've been gifted to spend guilt-free, because you deserve extra time to really cherish every second of this gift of life.

Go wild, be free, have fun, and enjoy an incredible weekend,

- Ankur ❤️

Ankur smiling at you!

P.S. Here's a reminder I have to tell myself constantly, in case your mind tries to get in the way of truly, fully living life, like mine does all the time haha:

Remember that no matter what did or didn't get done this week, no matter what's coming next week, the time to think about that is next week, when you can actually take care of it. It'll all be waiting for you and you won't miss out, don't worry haha.

You do deserve to take this time right now to live, breathe, and experience the joy of life without burden though. Isn't that what being alive is for after all, living?

Every minute you spend really, truly, fully, consciously enjoying the moment is worth 1,000x's to your soul at the end of our days compared to the minutes spent stressing, worrying, or doing all the busy things.

Slow down, breathe it in, and have fun ❤️


Note to blog readers! 🥳

Woot woot, congrats on finishing the blog post!! I hope the 5 steps make a tremendous postive impact on your weekend and days!